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Title: Nutritionist

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Posted At: 22nd Apr, 2021

About mDoc

mDoc is digital health social enterprise which leverages behavioral science, technology and quality improvement methodologies to provide improve access to quality healthcare for people with chronic health needs. We are seeking knowledgeable health coaches to join our team. Our goal is to augment the knowledge and capability of healthcare providers and health consumers to ensure longer, happier and healthier lives across sub-Saharan Africa. mDoc aims to further build capability and to support physicians to provide education and tools to patients to improve self-management. Our ethos is etched in the belief that augmenting the healthcare & technology landscape is paramount to helping Africa unlock its true potential. We are on a mission to transform how African healthcare consumers receive the support they need to live longer, healthier, happier and more productive lives. 


In this position, you will be a part of the team cohort providing self-management support services to patients via our innovative self-management model. You will work closely with the executive team, business leaders across the company and markets and other teams. 

Along with the mDoc leadership team, you will cultivate an environment reflecting the values of mDoc Healthcare, including integrity, quality, respect for our members and team members. Providing optimal member-centred care and experience is of critical importance to mDoc so we are looking for people who embody this in mind and action. You must be data-driven or willing to be data-driven such that you are looking constantly at your member needs, responding to them and also looking at population level data and coming up with ideas on how to drive continued engagement and adherence. 

Job Description:

  • Join a clinical team to provide support to our members 
  • Work with members on how to lead a healthier lifestyle while taking into consideration the clinical and socio-economic context of the member. 
  • Conduct baseline assessments of member nutritional needs. 
  • Provide technical and coaching level support to providers and members while adhering to quality control practices 

  • Engage in and contribute to improving the skills and knowledge of health workers and people as relates to nutrition by attending and contributing to discussions during the monthly ECHO sessions. 

Qualifications / Skills 

We are looking for self-disciplined, flexible nutritionists or registered dieticians who are willing to join and contribute to a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. Specific qualifications include: 

  • BSC or advanced degree (or equivalent) in Human Nutrition and/or Dietetics 
  • Currently a Registered Dietitian with minimum of 3-5 years' experience in nutrition programs, at the facility or public health level 
  • Deep knowledge of nutritional assessments, nutritional planning and clinical nutrition related data 
  • Knowledge of quality improvement methodologies desirable but not required 
  • Understanding of NCDs 
  • Empathy and patience 
  • Good organizational and interpersonal skills 
  • Strong oral and written communication skills with professionals and with patients 

To apply, please send to [email protected]

  • A resume or curriculum vitae. 

  • A 1-2 paragraph response in your email indicating why this job is compelling to you.