About mDoc

mDoc is a digital health social enterprise which leverages behavioural science, technology and quality improvement methodologies to provide improved access to quality healthcare for people with chronic health needs. We are seeking knowledgeable health coaches to join our team.  Our goal is to augment the knowledge and capability of healthcare providers and health consumers to ensure longer, happier and healthier lives across sub-Saharan Africa. mDoc aims to further build capacity and support physicians to provide education and tools to patients to improve self-management. Our ethos is etched in the belief that augmenting the healthcare & technology landscape is paramount to helping Africa unlock its true potential. We are on a mission to transform how African healthcare consumers receive the support they need to live longer, healthier, happier and more productive lives. 

We are looking for happy, enthusiastic, empathetic people who want to grow and want to be part of a movement and who have new ideas for ensuring we deliver excellent self-care support and products to our members. If you are looking for a 9 to 5 job to pass the time, mDoc is not the right place for you.


We are currently looking for a rock star Customer Success Specialist to join our team based at our headquarters in Lagos. In this full-time shift position, you will be a part of the team cohort supporting the customer relations and product distribution of mDoc's services and products.  You must enjoy the use of social media to market and drive customer traffic. We are looking for a Customer Success Specialist who loves teamwork and delighting potential and existing members with an "anything it takes" mentality. You will be responsible for general inbound and outbound customer support, troubleshooting, end-user training, product sales and distribution,  and above all, clearly communicating company updates and feature releases to our customers. This person will have the ability to learn all phases of the software platform and products and convey their use and value to our B2B and B2C members. 

Along with the mDoc team, you will cultivate an environment reflecting the values of mDoc  Healthcare, including integrity, empathy, quality, and respect for our members and team members.  Providing optimal member-centred care and experience is of critical importance to mDoc so we are looking for people who embody this in mind and action. You must be data-driven or willing to be data-driven such that you are tracking, looking constantly at your member's needs,  responding to them and also looking at customer experience and sales data and coming up with ideas on how to drive continued engagement and adherence.

The Customer Success Specialist will:

  • Process and always resolve outgoing and incoming chats/calls/emails and issues in a  professional enthusiastic manner - related to all four pillars of the mDoc approach as well as product sales.

  • Digitally document all interactions with members in a clear and detailed manner and communicate with the relevant internal teams.

  • Escalate/resolve reported issues using appropriate company tools and procedures

  • Create and implement strategically sound business plans and tactical strategies to drive service and product sales growth.

  • Manage daily sales call activity according to defined expectations, with the purpose of  influencing customers and increasing product sales

  • Promote products via multiple channels.

  • Profile and manage a list of HCP targets and provide value-added benefits to grow product volume.

  • Maintain call productivity and metrics that are required by the program.

  • Maintain thorough knowledge of our products and services.

  • Create and update support and training materials for existing services and products and for new feature releases working closely with the comms team where needed

  • Champion miscellaneous projects and other related assignments as requested.

  •  Work to help customers find creative, effective ways to utilize the product to enhance their self-care processes.

  • Work to mitigate any friction points in the user experience in a collaborative effort between the implementation, product and success teams.


We are looking for self-disciplined, flexible customer success specialists who are willing to join and contribute to a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment.

  • Candidates must reside in Lagos and be able to commute daily to our Lekki office. This role will include work on Saturdays at the office/hub in Lekki so ideally, you live closer to this area.

  • University degree

  • Happy, enthusiastic, empathetic and patient, problem-solving specialists with a strong work ethic only. If you complain a lot or are someone who has been told you have an attitude or you don't believe the principle of the customer is always right, then this role is not for you. If you do not like social media, this role is not for you.

  • Minimum of 2 years of professional experience in training or customer service roles in the healthcare industry.

  • Highly detail-oriented, proactive and self-disciplined, providing prompt follow-up to all customer inquiries.

  • Proven track record in consistently meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction at previous jobs.

  • Entrepreneurial-minded strategic thinker with a passion to work for a fast-paced and game-changing digital health startup to improve self-care;

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Tech-savvy in general with a good understanding of web and mobile technologies

To apply, please send to [email protected]:

  • A resume or curriculum vitae.

  • A 1-2 paragraph response in your email indicating why this job is compelling to you.

We take the process of hiring very seriously and as such you will be asked to undergo an assessment of your skills before moving forward in the process. Only short-listed candidates will be notified if they are moving ahead in the process.